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Vehicle & Equipment


Designed to fund the purchase or lease of business equipment, Options include -    Chattel Mortgage, Equipment Leasing, Hire Purchase

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Business Loans


Borrowed funds to help support various business needs.  Eg managing cash flow, Business expansion, working capital. 

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Debtor Finance


Also known as debtor financing, allows businesses to access funding using unpaid invoices as collateral. 

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Lending Made Simple -


Made Simple.

We are in the business of delivering a seamless experience for business owners seeking to acquire vehicles and equipment for business growth. 

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Finance company focused on your 

We are passionate and dedicated to supporting you through all aspects of business finance, whether its upgrading or purchasing a new vehicle's or equipment, needing cash flow options or looking to access capital to upgrade your premises. We cover it all !

business's best interests.

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" MAVV Finance group has supported me with financial support and guidance. They go above and beyond to ensure you are fully informed when making financial decisions and supports you along the way until a positive outcome is achieved "



" MAVV Finance Group demonstrates an excellent understanding of financial needs and goals, and it delivers its advice with these clearly in mind."

Dain Drinan, UEXGroup

  • Why should I use equipment finance for my business ?
    Potential Tax benefits Stay up to date with latest technology- access modern equipment without the cash outlay Maintain your working capital Quick approval process
  • Which type of equipment finance is right for me?
    This will depend on your business needs and structure. There are many types of finance options, speaking to a specialist at Mavv will help you understand which one will be best suited for you. There is no one size fits all. Things to consider will be Is the equipment new or used Is it addition or replacement equipment What is the purpose of the equipment and how often will it be used
  • What happens at the end of the finance agreement?
    Depending on the contract requirements. Under a Chattel Mortgage, Once all repayments and the residual amount ( if applicable ) is paid, the “mortgage” is then released from the asset meaning you now have full ownership. If you are under a lease agreement you will have a few options. Either extend the lease, return the equipment or purchase the equipment from the lender at the current market value.
  • Am I getting the best rate?
    Speaking to a specialist at MAVV will ensure you will not only be presented with options that are specific to your needs but also you have the most competitive rate and terms in the market.
  • Is financing and leasing the same thing?
    No, Financing allows you to fully own your equipment at the end of the repayment period. Leasing requires you to make an additional payment at the end of your lease period if you want to keep the equipment.
  • How does a balloon work ?
    The Ballon amount is a percentage of the total purchase/loan amount. Usually around 20% - 30%. This amount is deferred and will come due for payment at the end of the finance term. By applying a "ballon", you are able to reduce your monthly repayments, which can assist with your cashflow.
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